* Improved: Anti-Tampering


* Fixed: Activation issue
* Fixed: Compatibility with obfuscators
* Fixed: ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path while resolving SDK tools path


* Fixed: Exception handlers resolving
* Fixed: System.OverflowException in x64 applications (introduced in and fixed in
* Fixed: Assembly resolving while integrity checking
* Improved: Multi threaded applications performance
* Improved: Anti-Tampering
* Misc: Optimizations and bug fixes
* Updated: Mono.Cecil v0.9.6


* New: 30-day evaluation license
* Fixed: ArgumentNullException when method body does not have ret instruction.
* Improved: Anti-Tampering
* Improved: Assembly is signed (if required) even if it has no code for protection
* Improved: UI for medium font size 125%
* Misc: Various optimizations and fixes


* New: ILProtector has gone commercial
* New: Struct methods protection
* Improved: Anti-Tampering
* Misc: Various optimizations and fixes
* Updated: Windows SDKs search paths


* New: String encryption
* New: EncryptStrings option and -encryptstrings command-line option
* New: Updating from command-line, -update and -noprompt options
* Fixed: Unity compiler error CS0229
* Fixed: Unity compiler error CS0122
* Fixed: Mono.Cecil.AssemblyResolutionException
* Misc: Various optimizations and fixes
* Updated: Mono.Cecil


* New: Some ILProtector features require a license (See ILProtector License Comparison)
* New: -embed-dlls, -integrity, -loadfromfile command-line options
* Misc: Various optimizations and fixes


* New: Project Properties dialog box
* New: Protect DLLs naming now available per Project
* New: Protect DLLs embedding into assembly
* New: EnableIntegrity & LoadFromFile options
* New: Exclude from protection option
* New: Added file icons into assemblies list
* Fixed: File selection behavior on drag and drop
* Misc: Various optimizations and fixes